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Computer virus - n. A program that enters a computer usually without the knowledge of the operator. Some viruses are mild and only cause messages to appear on the screen, but others are destructive and can wipe out the computer’s memory or cause more severe damage.

Sad Computer

Nobody wants a computer virus, but people get them anyway. Here’s a few ways to tell if your computer is infected:

    Your Computer is Slow - Your computer takes a long time to boot up or it takes a long time performing simple, routine operations.

    Random pop-ups - If pop-ups occur randomly, while browsing the internet or not, it could be an indication of a virus.

    Fake Virus Alerts - An unrecognized “Anti-Virus” software appears that states your computer is overrun with viruses and tries to get you to buy the software.

    Redirection in your browser - While surfing the internet, you are randomly pushed to another website, one you did not intend to go to, you may have a virus.

Now that you know a few ways to diagnose a virus, wouldn’t it by nice to try and prevent them? Here are some ways to protect yourself from these cyber threats as well.

    Make sure that your system is up to date - An up to date operating system will have the latest security updates. The developers of operating systems continually test their software to determine possible security threats and release “patches” to fix them. In Windows, you can run Windows Update from the start menu to check for the most recent updates.

    Install a Firewall and Antivirus - These programs go hand-in-hand. A firewall is the program that prevents malicious programs from entering your computer and the antivirus is the program that takes care of the malicious programs that the firewall misses or are inadvertently downloaded. Windows comes with a pre-installed firewall, but that doesn’t come with an antivirus. To get Microsoft’s free antivirus software, go to www.microsoft.com and download Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Don’t visit sites you don’t trust - Some websites download viruses onto your computer without your knowing! Stay away from suspicious looking websites.

    Don’t Torrent files - Torrent sites and files are notorious for containing viruses and malware. Keep away from them.

Some trusted antivirus and firewall providers, that also do it for free:

    -Microsoft Security Essentials
    -AVG (Anti-virus only)

    Virus Removal

    If you do get a virus, it’s ok! Let our team of knowledgeable professionals take care of you and your computer! We haven’t run across a virus we can’t fix. Give us a call at 616-261-0508.

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