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Why us?

We are dedicated to our customers and wish to provide the best customer service.

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We can build the experience you deserve

 Sometimes, when you walk into a computer store, you may get the feeling that the employees don't speak your language. They're all caught up in "tech speak" about the processor, RAM, Hard Drive Speed, Motherboard, etc. But what does that mean to you? How does the system they're trying to sell you fit your needs? At Personal Business Systems, our goal is to help our customers understand exactly what they're buying, and how each part will suit their needs. We can't expect to sell something that you don't understand why it's the right fit for you. We'll work with you and discuss your needs, and perhaps a few of your wants, to come up with the best solution.

Flexible Delivery Options

     After going out to an endless number of stores to peruse their wares, why should you have to go back to pick up your new computer? To serve you best, the company should come to you, and ensure your satisfaction with their product. We do exactly that. We value your time and business, so we deliver and set-up your new system how you want it, in your home or business.

Customer Service

     How many times have you called that computer company with an important question, only to talk to a recording for the first 5 minutes and be on hold for the next 15? Then, when you finally get through, you're talking to a CS Rep overseas with an accent so heavy you swear it was your unintelligible college calculus teacher. At Personal Business Systems, you will never talk to a recording, you will always get one of our technicians. Also, if on-site support is ever needed, we will be more than happy to come to you to solve your problems.

Bulk of Products

 As computers age, their parts become harder to find, and scouring the internet for hours on end gets old in a hurry; especially if you're looking for that specific stick of RAM from your Dell that was made in 2000. Give us a call and let us take a crack at it.
     Our range of available products covers old parts to new. So if you're looking for that old piece of hardware for your Windows 2000 computer or looking to upgrade to a Sandy Bridge i7 powered computer, we can find what you're looking for.


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