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Check out our network hardware here.

Networks can be a pain, let that be our problem.

We know how frustrating setting up a network can be. Our team has set up networks countless times and are very experienced in the underlying infrastructure. If you need a network set up, call us and let us take that worry off of your mind. You can also click here to check out our network hardware.

Wireless Networks for Home

Did you want to be able to go anywhere in your house and still be online? We carry wireless routers that are perfect for your home and password protected so you know that people aren’t stealing your internet. We can take care of the in-home installation as well. You stay at your house and we’ll drive out to you and take care of your problems from right there.

For Business

We carry everything your business needs. We can set you up with a switch to plug all of your computers into, set to share printers, set up your own server, and protect it all with network security. Call us for a quote.

Network Security and Monitoring

The internet is full of potential dangers. Everyday, new threats emerge in the form of viruses, malware, adware, and spyware. Don’t let your home or business be compromised. Invest in a program that keeps your information safe from malicious software and cyber criminals.

Just as there are threats in cyberspace, you may not want your customers to view your sensitive information. We can limit a customer’s ability to access your network and files while still allowing them to access the internet.

We can show you how to monitor, track, and lockout websites, chat-rooms and be notified of any actions by setting up key words or phrases.

Network Attached Storage

Do you want information to be saved on a network and accessible from a multitude of computers? This is possible with Network Attached Storage. We can set up a small server, or simply a hard drive,  to be attached to your network and to be shared amongst your computers at work, or at home. This is ideal if you want to swap files frequently. We can set up any type of storage that you may need. Please call us for any backup requirements you may need.

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