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Still using Windows XP?

Windows XP was released in 2001. Now we all agree that it was a great operating system, but it’s outdated now. It’s time to update and get your system running Windows 7, Microsoft’s new flagship operating system. Give us a call or bring your computer in and we will find out if it’s Windows 7 ready.


Upgrading to Windows 7

Upgrading to Windows 7 is quick and easy. Windows 7 automatically saves all files that were previously on the computer in a separate folder (windows.old), so the hassle of backing up files prior to installation is gone. If you still want help with updating to the latest version of Windows and running updates, bring your system in, and we will get it up and running!

Reinstalling Operating Systems

Want your computer completely wiped and acting like you just picked it up from the store? We can reinstall your operating system and that will erase any personal files, programs, and drivers so that it will be like when you first purchased it. Keep in mind the time that will be required for updates. Operating systems are constantly updated, so if you reinstall to an older version of it, it will require those updates to function properly.

Backing up your Operating System

One solution for protection is cloning your hard drive. We can clone your drive to preserve all of your documents and operating system exactly how it is at the point in time when we clone it. This allows for an easy and quick fix for your computer if your hard drive fails. We will simply put the cloned drive in your computer and you will be on your way.

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