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All of these products have been tested.

Unless otherwise listed, we have tested all of these products. We make sure that the parts we resell are in working condition. This is to ensure that you get what you pay for. We only want to provide you with a quality part for lower prices.

AGP 1.5V Cards

We have a few AGP cards that still work and will run monitors. Keep in mind, these are older cards, so it will be unlikely that they will run any current games. We encourage you to look up the performance of these specific cards online if you wish to learn more about what they can handle.

GeForce 2 MX 400

GeForce2 MX400


Quadro 2

Rage Fury Pro,  Xpert 2000 Pro

Rage Fury Pro/ Xpert 2000 Pro

Sis 315 Card and Drivers, AGP 8x

SiS 315 Card and Driver CD

Nvidia Vanta,Vanta LT

TNT2 VantaLT

PCI Cards

These cards, like our AGP 1.5V ones, still work and will run a monitor. They are ideal for older systems that can’t handle more recent cards.

Trident 96XX, 938X

Trident 96xx/938x

3D Rage II+DVD

3D Rage II+DVD

Assorted AGP 3.3V Cards (untested)

We have a few AGP cards that have been pulled out of old computers. These cards are far too old to be of any use for current systems, but may still be good for an old system.

Assorted video cards (AGP 3.3V)

Power Supplies

We have assorted power supplies for older systems. Keep in mind, some of these do not have P4 connectors. We will label the ones that do have P4 connectors.


150 Watt Max

250W 6 Count

250 Watt Max (6 count)

300 W (2)

300 Watt Max (2 count)

360W with P4

360 Watt with P4 Connector

200W 2 Count

200 Watt Max (2 Count)

250W Pentium 1

250 Watt, for Pentium 1 processor

300 W

300 Watt Max

Assorted IDE Hard Drives

We have a few IDE Hard Drives for sale. The largest is 40 GB and it goes down to 4.5 GB. Ideal for a system that requires a smaller hard drive.

Hard Drives

CD, CD Rewrite, DVD, and DVD Rewrite Drives

We have a small stock of these drives. They have all been tested and work properly.

CD Drives, use this pic

CD Drives $5

CD rewrites

CD Rewrites $10

DVD Drives

DVD Drive $10

Floppy Drives

Floppy Drives

Sound Card

Maxi Sound Muse $10

Sound Card

Zip Drives

Zip Drives
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